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A Biofuels Manifesto
The following text is a serious 'pamphlet' in which the rationale for the development of a biofuels industry in the Global South is clarified.

The Manifesto was written by John Mathews, professor of Strategic Management at Macquarie University, Sydney. It contains a strong 12 point argumentation in favor of biofuels in the developing world.

The document can be accessed in the following formats:

A Biofuels Manifesto - *.html version [online soon]
A Biofuels Manifesto - *.pdf version 
A Biofuels Manifesto - *.flash version [online soon]

Dedicated forum
Serious comments and questions about the Manifesto are welcome at our discussion forum dedicated to the text. We understand that the future of bioenergy and biofuels in the South is controversial. This is why we would like to hear your ideas, critiques and suggestions. The Manifesto can be seen as an 'open text', a first guideline that will lead to a broad discussion on the many different aspects of bioenergy and biofuels production in the developing world. The forum can be accessed here.

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"Traditional industrial development pathways, that did not take into explicit consideration the issue of energy technologies to be utilized, now imperil development prospects around the world. As oil supplies approach their peak globally, and energy security becomes a major issue, so developing countries have everything to lose by simply following fossil-fuel based industrialization, and everything to gain by recasting their development strategies around the prospects for renewable energies and biofuels." 

A Biofuels Manifesto